Are you looking to increase your healthy living by increasing your healthy days?  In the future with regenerative and precision medicine, it will be increasingly possible to have medical care which will increase our healthy days.   If you want to stay in touch with the latest research posts about creating health, please join me on


How Can You Create Health Now?

Research has proven that lifestyle changes are responsible for 70% of our health by dealing with:

  • environmental toxins,

  • stress,

  • healthy eating

  • exercise

The challenge now is to deal with the medical system's prescription of drugs which create side effects and that do not cure illness or disease.  Medical diagnosis is valuable but I much prefer natural remedies and a cure instead of disease management through the medical system.  I resort to their drugs only if my linexpensive natural remedies don't eliminate my symptoms.


As a corporate Health Advisor, I saw how lifestyle changes such as exercise and healthy eating could eliminate disease symptoms.  Why not try free lifestyle remedies first?


Isn't it a challenge to navigate the medical system?.   I often receive referrals or Rxs from my doctor that are not covered by my insurance.. I receive referrals for healthcare services that aren't medically necessary.  As a Patient Advocate, I work with people who are are referred to a costly healthcare provider when they can access the same service for a reduced cost.  There are healthcare resources to shop for affordable healthcare services.. Have you ever received a wrong diagnosis with no medical tests to substantiate the diagnosis? results? Are you dealing with errors in medical claims?  Perhaps I can help.


If you are interested in being your own Healthy Tightwad by increasing your health while minimizing your healthcare costs, this website is for you!.


The greatest wealth is health!" -Virgil

Janiece LeCates, M. S.

Patient Advocate and Health Coach,